it's amazing what the mixture of dust and heartache can do to a person. i feel like i'm dying. it's s'wonderful. ha. 

i just finished cleaning my youth minister's house as a surprise for his wife. it was really hard work. i was only supposed to clean downstairs and the kids rooms, but i snuck into the master bath and cleaned that too. i promise you that that bathroom had never been cleaned. i think i used a total of 50 clorox wipes just on the vanity. john walked in there after i had cleaned it and was shocked. i loved it. 

right now my mom and him are painting the kitchen yellow. it's very cheery, which is very opposite of what i'm feeling right now. i'm having one of those days in which i want to slip on my nightie and slide under my covers and sleep for the entire rest of the night. but i'm trying to not succumb to the wants of my inner depression. i'm going to try to do something, something important and good. something that will make me feel better, i just don't know what. 

i also wish my dad didn't have to travel so much for business sometimes. i miss him. 

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