wrap your world around me.

it's been amazing. my relationship with my mom since stopping the old blog has miraculously taken a 180 degree turn. it's mystifying me. 

we even went to lunch yesterday with one of my mom's friends. at first it was a nightmare i mean just look at this:

yeah, a packed la madeleine's just isn't great company for an OCDer. I had to sit at a very dirty table, not to mention by myself! as if the dirt and grime weren't enough, and the crumbs and such couldn't even actually be my company, so they literally served no purpose. anyways, my mother's friend was having a meltdown while she was there. it was hysterical, to me at least. she was experiencing drama with her husband's parents, and talking about how her husband's brother doesn't ever do anything, but he is the favorite. and i said "yeah, i will be him." and my mom said, "yeah but he is the favorite." and then i was like, "okay, then i guess i'm not him. thanks a lot mom." and she laughed and then her friendling said "well there always has to be one pain in the ass child" and my mom said "oh that can be you!" and i just sat there stunned. and then my mom realized what she said and felt bad, but i was actually laughing because it's true. and i love it. and also my mom alluded to profanity so that made it all worth it. 

this week my therapist assigned me to stand in my front yard for 5 minutes alone. See, I'm very confused about this because i thought that she was supposed to be turning me into a normal person, and i just don't even feel like normal people do that. Also, last week she asked me if i had a tape player, and like i moron i just nodded, so she gave me this relaxation tape to do everyday, UH HELLO!?? i don't have a tape player. so i don't know how i'm gonna fake that one? the only option i have is to listen to the tape while reclined in my dad's car, and i think that's pretty much the oxymoron of relaxation. 

also, my family therapist has finally decided to not be out of town anymore, i swear this woman takes more 'vacations' than anyone i've ever met. this time though, it's just mother-daughter therapy. monday, at 1:30. i'm very concerned about that. i didn't agree to that, my mom just told me randomly yesterday about it. i'm definitely gonna pull out the 'pain in the ass' comment, it's just to good to pass up.

last night we went to a concert, my sister really wanted to go and so then my parents were all feeling their inner middle school selves come out again, so they bought all of us tickets. i promise you, i'm not kidding, we're talking totally rocker-screamer concert. it was a nightmare, but the final act was actually not that bad. Four very long hours of me literally covering my ears, i have sensitive ears, don't judge, and whining about the situation. not to mention about 1000 other middle schoolers trolloping around and running into me, and freaking my OCD out every second. and the family tried to be really supportive of me, but after 2 hours of 'taking care of me' i know it gets old. 

then this was the little cherry on top of the night last night, we get the mail at midnight, oh you know, completely normal for us crazy night-lifers, and guess what comes in the mail... a jury duty summons for me. ME!?!?! that would only happen to me months after i withdraw from school. so, here's what i get to do, you ready... i get to declare mental instability. oh yeah, in case enough people weren't aware, i need to make sure the government and president and all three branches of government are also aware of my instability. and i have to have my therapist/doctor send in letters confirming that i am truly mentally unstable and unsuitable to cooperate in a jury.

life is precious.  

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