i know, i know, this is crazy. but i have OCD, that's always a good excuse, right?


you've successfully located my new blog. i'm super proud of you, really. 

here was the problem, for all to now know. my mom was reading my blog. we had to go to therapy sessions about it because she was convinced that i really hated her. i don't hate her, i just need a place where i can vent and tell my friends what's going on. that's the story here. so, during family therapy she promised me and the therapist that she would no longer read my blog, because she was taking things too personally and consistently calling me a liar about my view of the way things happen. well folks, this is my blog. i get to write in it, and i get to tell you how it feels to have a disorder. that's what this is for, so that's what i use it for. unfortunately, when she said she would no longer read it, she was lying. she still reads it everyday, i think she might even be my most dedicated reader? not kidding. so the only way to stop the problem, was to create a new one.

i really really really, didn't want to have to create a new blog, ha can't you tell? it's pretty identical to the old one. so i've kept everything the same (for all of us who hate having to learn the reigns of new things) and at the top right up there is a link to my old blog. the first 50 posts, i'm going to try to stick with this blog, unless i get some crazy idea to make a new blog every 50 posts, Lord please help us. 

Anyways, this new blog will now hopefully end the problem of her reading and holding things against me. the blog was never intended for her to read, but apparently she can't keep her little eyes away from it. and honestly, i can't blame her.... well not because i'm such a class-A writer, but because she's interested in what i have to say and is too curious to be able to back away. either a curse or a blessing, some could argue. 

So welcome welcome welcome, to the new land of recovery! i promised you guys in my 49th post that i had something pretty snazzy up my sleeve and i still do! so just sit back, relax, praise God that you don't have OCD, and live my life with me! 

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