babysitting babylon.

how many hours of disney channel is acceptable? and does it burn your brain if you watch for too long, i mean... colors and shapes are stimulating for the brain correct? or is that only for infants?

brock's got ringworm. i feel bad for him, because i know it's annoying, so here i am testing myself for the first time. i had to arrive here at 7 am this morning, oh... you may be wondering where leslie his madre is, and NO she didn't get the heck out of dodge, though i'm sure she wanted to... especially since it's finals time! she's in oklahoma. so michael called me out of desperation for someone to take care of this little sickly full of energy baby Brock, and so that is what has brought me here. anyways, 7 am i drove here. THATS RIGHT FOLKS, drove here. now, my mother was following behind me, but i drove by myself, here!!!!!! no one was in the car. then brock and i decided that we were probably going to need some doughnuts and kolaches for breakfast so I DROVE BROCK THERE and then we came home. 

then disaster began to strike, in the form of a clogged toilet. thank the lord for plungers, washing machines, and showers. 

then Brock and i had a wii tournament, and i won! we bowled. he was a little discouraged, but her really is a good sport. then we ordered lunch and ate, and then i started my cleaning, upstairs organizing the shelves and movies, downstairs vacuuming, and mostly laundry. 

now, i've cleared out the furniture in the family room and brock has created a little football arena for himself. it's cute. 

there have been some struggles already, but i know i can do this. for example, when the pool guy was here, the delivery boy, the lawn care people. i'm just trying to deal. 

and soon, it will be time to pick Em up and be happy that it is Friday! because i know i sure am! 

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